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TOWARDS A NEW BEGINNING: Follow-up and more to the Shadow Report project

Na Zavodu Nefiks sodelujemo v projektu Shadow report, v sklopu katerega sledi še zadnji dogodek, kjer bomo predstavili zaključke projekta in razmišljali, kam naprej.

Srečanje bo potekalo v angleškem jeziku, prijavite se na tej povezavi.


The Shadow Report – an alternative positive voice is a citizens’ reflection document on the latest biennial report of the European Commission on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategies. During the elaboration of its text what we send you here a significant number of innovative proposals have emerged. This encouraged the project partner CSOs to convene this meeting and discuss follow-up steps. A successful project conclusion opens many new doors!

We would like to invite you to join this exciting new phase of a joint citizens’ endeavour revealing the still hidden potential of EU macro-regional policies. Shaping a new and forward-looking Europe under the current crises-hit conditions necessitates joint actions.

Please join our open event by registering here until 25 April 2022. The link (Zoom) will be sent to registered participants.


10.00 Opening
Moderator: Mrs Christiana PORDES, The World of NGOs, Austria

10.05 Setting the scene
The Shadow Report is here. Mission accomplished. What next?
Mr Miklos BARABAS, European House, Hungary

10.15 In times of crises
Is macro-regional strategic thinking possible?
An institutional voice – Mr Jean-Pierre HALKIN, European Commission, DG Regio (tbc)
A citizen voice – Mr Stefan BARTH, Agapedia Foundation, Germany
A voice from the battlefield – Ms Nadja AFANASIEVA, Ukrainian Institute for International Politics, Ukraine
Open discussion

10.50 How can the Conference on the future of Europe (CoFE) offer a helping hand?
An institutional voice – Ms Alessandra MORETTI, Member of the European Parliament
A citizen voice – Mr Milosh RISTOVSKI, co-chair, Civil Society Convention for the CoFE
Open discussion

11.25 Conclusions and next steps
Mr Miklos BARABAS, European House, Hungary